The GCMBA is a social club and a support group for families. The club is run by volunteers who are parents of multiples themselves. 

Social events provide an opportunity for families to support and help each other with advice and a friendly ‘ear’.

The clubs social activities allow children to mix with one another and become aware that other children also come in ones, twos and threes etc. 



Expectant parent free information sessions.

Expectant parent information sessions that are free for all parents to be of multiple births to attend.

Expectant parents are encouraged to meet (held every second month) to hear members stories, humour and practical information. The sessions focus on anxieties and unanswered questions about having a multiple birth.

Information sessions

Designed specifically for multiple birth families, the sessions address practical experiences, such as toilet training multiples, sending multiples to school & sleep/settling techniques.


The Association places a strong focus on social events which provide support and assistance to our members – a ‘friendly ear’. A social setting is often an invaluable, informal means of gathering information. Our many social activities allow children to mix with one another and become aware that children also come in ones, twos and threes.

Family events

Families gather to celebrate special occasions, such as Mother’s & Father’s Day, Easter, Christmas & Multiple Birth Awareness Week.


Fortnightly playgroups are held at various locations throughout the Gold coast. They provide a great opportunity for our club members to meet, ‘de-stress’, pick up some survival tips and make new friends.

Parents’ nights out.

Occasions, such as movie nights and dinners, are organised for parents to relax and socialise without the children.

Closed Facebook group

Parents can have access to a private, positive and supportive network 24/7. Only multiple birth families have access to it. A ‘Buy Swap Sell’ group is available for everything multiple related.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

The Association is privileged to offer daily entry for up to 5 people (under 4 years are free) with a corporate members

hip pass.


·         National online and local store Discount card

·         Free library with a variety of books for borrowing

·         Equipment hire

·         Tri-monthly newsletter



 Membership Fees

New memberships entitle you to a free box of huggie's nappies, 3 x bi-monthly Club Newsletters, membership to the national body, Australia Multiple Birth Association including their club magazine and insurance at club functions.


Membership fees are payable yearly as follows:

New members $50

Renewing members $40


Download the membership form below and send to 



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