Who are we?

The Gold Coast Multiple Birth Association (GCMBA) was formed in 1980. A group of Mums with twins first met at the Gold Coast Hospital by the arrangement of Margaret Byrne, who at the time, worked for Community Health. The purpose of this initial meeting was simply to find out how to start a club and Margaret was the guiding force in setting up the Club’s original Constitution.  The first Coffee Morning of the club was subsequently held in September of 1980 at the Labrador Community Centre.  From here, the club’s expansion saw it include members from the southern end of the Gold Coast, where the club also started regular activities.  The members of the club later started home and hospital visits to expectant and new mums of multiples.  The club is now operated by about 10+ volunteers with an executive committee comprising of a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Aims of GCMBA

· To provide information, practical assistance and  support for multiple birth families

· To increase awareness of the social needs of the multiple birth families and improve the resources available to them

· To be a non-political and non-sectarian organization co-operating with other organizations that have the same interests

What do we do?

The Gold Coast Multiple Birth Association connects Gold Coast parents and families of multiples with each-other and provides a local support network. To create these connections we:

How do you become a member?

The Gold Coast Multiple Birth Association is open to all parents (natural, foster or adoptive) of multiple birth children. We offer services to both financial members of the association as well as non members. 

Non members are welcome to come to any of the events held. Some events may require a fee for non-financial members. Financial members are those who sign up to be a member of the Gold Coast Multiple birth association to which a fee is paid. 

Members enjoy benefits such as free or discounted entry to GCMBA events (Gym classes for children, parents dinners, Dads of Multiples events, baby mat play, sensory classes, playgroup, Multiple Birth Awareness Week and the Christmas Party to name a few). 

Financial members assist to continue the club is able to provide support services to the local community of multiples. All managerial and administrative functions are voluntary. 

Want to join to support the club and be a part of all the good action? Click the link